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In the beginning...

A man's family moves from Yorkshire, England to York County, Ontario.

This man grows up and develops an appreciation for a cider, a traditional English beverage made from fermented apple juice, and begins making it himself.

This man, his wife, and children move to York County, New Brunswick, and years later, begin sharing their passion.

March 2016: York County Cider is born. Wonder where the name came from?

Our first employees? Adam and Eve. No joke.


Cider made by people who love cider.

"An Apple A Day..."

...or more, as a lot of cider has been made since then. We ventured out of our comfort zone and started making non-traditional ciders with traditional methods...

...fresh New Brunswick blueberries and real ginger were added during fermentation.  Hops that Fredericton had only experienced in local pale ales were added too.

But these experimental varieties were only the beginning...

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